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Bee Friendly Plants

Encouraging the selection of native plants, shrubs and trees for our gardens, is another way to help the bees survive in urban locations. Bee friendly plantings enable the bees to forage for pollen and collect nectar from our gardens, parks and public spaces.

Now is the time to plant out your garden with nectar rich Australian natives.

We have a limited number of Grevillea available in store.



A wonderful ground cover native. Flowering of  pink or white blooms . Grows  extensively and a definate a bee favourite.

Screenshot (259).png

Grevillea 'John Evans'

Grows to a small schrub of about a metre. Reddish 'spider' flowers that come out in late winter and into spring. fantastic resource for a replenishing hive.



Produces masses of native daisy flowers attracting birds and bees. A tough ground cover  that will thrive in any condition. Purple and Hot Pink .



Great ground cover. Nectar rich  flowers of deep gold and amber . Light green foliage.



Great sprawling native ground cover of fan flowers. 

Screenshot (334).png

Kangaroo Paw- Sold Out

Beautiful garden schrub called Big Red.

Originally from Western Australia, it now 

grows successfully in gardens on our Eastern seashore. Drought resistant and a magnet for bees and birds, this schrub will be a valuble addition for our bees.

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